Frequently Asked Question

How much time does it take to make a web site?

Once all your content, your pictures and text, are in place it will not take very long. Typically a 4 or 5 page 'brochure' site should take no longer than a week to complete ready for your approval. Larger and more complicated sites requiring greater work clearly take longer. We will agree timescales at our first meeting.

How do I know how many pages I require?

It is best to consider what information you want to convey to your customers and then try to structure into categories and subcategories. This will then lead to a natural list of all the pages that should be required within your website.

I do not know where to start with the website?

Not to worry before we start any designs we will supply you with a question and answer sheet which has simple questions which once answered and returned to us will allow us to examine your exact requirements and needs for the website which then allows us to create a website with minimum fuss.

How do I know what keywords should be used for my website?

We will assist you every step of the way although with your input it will ensure we choose the most appropriate key words and phrases to be used throughout the website.

How can I keep track of visitors to my website?

Web Arts can supply up to the minute detailed statistics on all the website activity, important for improving sales and marketing